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Education and Retreats


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Kardinal König Haus offers a wide and varied programme of adult education
We support adults in their personal or professional learning process and help them achieve a successful learning experience.

Our programmes focus on Ignatian spirituality, development of religious orders, social management, hospice, palliative care and dementia, issues of society and asylum, migration and social cohesion.
Although most of our seminars, courses and lectures are in German, there are occasionally events held in English.
We also offer marriage preparation, counselling and mentoring.

If you are interested in our programme, please contact us:
0043 /(0)1 / 804 75 93 – 649


Kardinal König Haus is home to "Silence in Vienna", a place of calm and quietness for guests from Vienna and beyond, for people at the centre of the Church and those on its periphery, for the old and the young. A place which is (on its exterior) tranquil and where we promote an (inner) tranquility and sense of peace.  

Cut off and preserved from the rest of the facilities, five rooms are available for retreats where you can unwind, recharge and regenerate. Additional offers can support you on your way to inner tranquility: prayer, contemplation and spiritual exercises.

If you are interested in our retreats, please contact us: 
0043 /(0)1 / 804 75 93 – 649