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Mission Statement (engl.)


Named after Cardinal Franz König, the Kardinal König Haus is an Education Centre of the Jesuits and Caritas.

In keeping with the beliefs and values of the Jesuits and Caritas, we help individuals to reach their full professional, personal and spiritual potential through education, based on our own sense of Christian responsibility to society.
As we take that shared journey, we are shaped and guided by the following principles:
•    a Christian conception of the individual
•    a belief in the importance of social justice
•    a dignified approach to those on the margins of life and society
•    a belief in the value of thoughtful, critical dialogue
•    active concern for successful coexistence within our society
•    a sense of responsibility to future generations and the preservation of God's Creation
•    an awareness of the potential for action.

Following the example of Cardinal König, we embrace a range of different viewpoints, and cultivate a sense of openness and active dialogue in our efforts to communicate our values. We are an institution of the Catholic Church and are committed to the concept of an open church.

We provide support for adults in their personal or professional growth.

Our programme focuses on Ignatian spirituality, development of our religious order, social management, hospice, palliative and dementia care, leadership and organisational culture, and societal issues. We work with people, teams, organisations and their employees who want to undergo development in the personal, social and professional spheres, and who have the courage to venture into new territory and discover new spiritual dimensions.

Institutions are offered the option of conducting their own events at our facilities, with support from us as necessary. We can provide advice and assistance, drawing on our own expertise. Self-help groups and individuals from our neighbourhood are always welcome here.

The environment at Kardinal König Haus is friendly and supportive, with an emphasis on commitment, creativity and competence.

Our multi-disciplinary team are from a wide range of different national, linguistic, and religious backgrounds and worldviews. We are experts in adult education and in providing appropriate support for personal, educational and social growth. We are committed to continuous improvement, and work with participants and guests in further developing our programmes, with a keen awareness of the societal, cultural, economic and environmental aspects and impacts of the work we do.

A holistic approach to education means physical, mental and spiritual needs all need to be taken into account, and we therefore offer seminar rooms, guest rooms, food and drink, rooms for spiritual reflection, and spacious grounds.

Our aim is a positive educational experience for everyone who visits us.

A positive learning experience has numerous facets: the search for identity and orientation in the world, as well as the sense of helping to shape our world.

Individuals who come to Kardinal König Haus have the opportunity to cultivate self-awareness and to hone their personal and social skills. They have the chance to broaden those aspects of themselves, while at the same time receiving encouragement and support in their search for meaning. They become more conscious of their own patterns of interpretation, which inform their worldview and ability to orient themselves. They also acquire knowledge, broaden their horizons and find connections as they develop their own individual opinions and views.

Kardinal König Haus provides a setting in which people can empower themselves, grow accustomed to actively shaping their own lives and viewpoints, and nurture their own inner creativity and dynamism.